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Experience where it counts

Experience Where It Counts

Of the current Licensed Producers in Canada, we have helped over 50 obtain their license to cultivate (with more pending).

Contact us To find out more about how we can help you through the licensing and compliance process with Health Canada:




Services That We Offer

We're here to guide you through your licensing and compliance process from start to finish with services including:

  • Evidence Gathering
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act
    Evidence Gathering for Health Canada
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  • Application Support Documentation
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act application support documentation
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  • Pre-Licensing Visits & Inspections
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act
    Pre-licensing site visits & inspections
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  • GPP/GMP Certified
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act
    GPP/GMP certified inspections
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  • Post License Compliance Audits
    ACMPR/Cannabis Act
    3rd Party Compliance Audits
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Evidence Gathering

We specialize in gathering evidence of readiness for applicants to send to Health Canada in order to obtain a cannabis growing (Cultivation) license or to prove readiness for expansions. Commonly known as "Attestations", Health Canada requires applicants to provide proof that their facility is compliant with the provisions set forth in the ACMPR or Cannabis Act.

Contact us to find out more about how we have helped over 50 applicants thus far obtain their license through our "hosted video" attestation packages.

CSB Security camera
  • Completed various application documents for over


    MMPR/ACMPR/Cannabis Act Applications

    (To date)

  • Of the current licensed producers in Canada, we have helped over


    Obtain Their License To Cultivate

    (With more pending)

  • We have filmed, hosted, edited and produced more than


    Video Hosted Attestations With All Resulting In A License Being Issued

    (With more pending)

About Us | Chris Besenyoi

About CSB Security Inc.

CSB Security is owned and operated by Chris Besenyoi and was officially started 6 years ago. Over the past 5 years, Chris has worked as a senior associate consultant for various well-known consultant firms, within Canada and the U.S., including operating as a Senior associate consultant and "go-to guy" for the most well-known consultant in the cannabis sector today.

Even though CSB Security Inc is owned & operated by Chris, it's no secret that behind every business owner there's a very strong team of professionals that help to create the "Gold Standard" that CSB Security offers to it's clients today.

Whether your looking for some simple feedback for your facility design, need us to create documents for your application or need us to attend your site to review your site readiness, CSB Security will be there for you.

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